Health promotion

Key life style factors increasing the risk for NCDs are tobacco smok­ing, alcohol abuse, physical inactivity and inadequate diet among others. According to the 2013 STEPS survey, one out of three Moldovan adults aged 18–69 years and one out of two adults over 45 years of age had three or more behavioural NCD risk factors. Young men had a 2.5 times higher risk for NCDs than young women, and over half of adults over 45 years of age are at high risk for NCDs.

Increased level of awareness of the risks factors that influence the life style at community level constitutes the basis of a possible behavior change.

The project aims at consolidating the process of education of the population in health sector so that members of the community can identify and understand the information related to health that is trustworthy and in time communicated through realiabel channels in all activity sectors involved in public health.  

LEGEA Nr. 10 din 03.02.2009 privind supravegherea de stat a sănătăţii publice

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HOTĂRÎREA Guvernului Nr. 886 din 06.08.2007 cu privire la aprobarea Politicii Naţionale de Sănătate

HOTĂRÎREA Guvernului Nr. 360 din 06.06.2012 pentru aprobarea Programului naţional privind controlul alcoolului pe anii 2012-2020

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